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Nay, we plainly declare, that the system we offer will not be very suitable for such purposes, not being easily adapted to vulgar apprehensions, except by effects and works. They otherwise catch and grasp at nature, but never seize or detain her: To combat the Daemon threat, the Asur established Waystones all over the world to suck the excess magic back into the Warp. Ads by Project Wonderful! If we had done so before, we might have appeared merely to express our wishes, but now that we have excited hope and removed prejudices, it will perhaps have greater weight. For, out of twenty-five centuries, with which the memory and learning of man are conversant, scarcely six can be set apart and selected as fertile in science and favourable in its progress.
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Novum Organum/Book I (Wood)

The understanding must also be cautioned against the intemperance of systems, so far as regards its giving or withholding its assent; for such intemperance appears to fix and perpetuate idols, so as to leave no means of removing them. But those which we employ in the whole process leading from the senses and things to axioms and conclusions, are fallacious and incompetent. It would be madness, and inconsistency, to suppose that things which have never yet been performed, can be performed without employing some hitherto untried means. In forming axioms, we must invent a different form of induction from that hitherto in use; not only for the proof and discovery of principles, as they are called, but also of minor intermediate, and in short every kind of axioms. Our method of discovering the sciences is such as to leave little to the acuteness and strength of wit, and indeed rather to level wit and intellect. This caused the Warp Gates to destabilize and explode into massive portals into the Warp, flooding the world with magic and causing massive invasions of Daemons to surge forth into the material plane.
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The gods of the Humans were also forced from it at some point in time, eventually residing within their temples in the Empire. If we had but any one who could actually answer our interrogations of nature, the invention of all causes and sciences would be the labour of but a few years. The termination of our method is clear, and I had almost said, near at hand; the other admits of no termination, but only of infinite confusion. For men will then only begin to know their own power, when each performs a separate part, instead of undertaking in crowds the same work. Take some word for instance, as moist; and let us examine how far the different significations of this word are consistent. We will next give a most potent reason for hope deduced from the errors of the past, and the ways still unattempted. The chymists, again, have formed a fanciful philosophy with the most confined views, from a few experiments of the furnace.
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To show our sincerity in professing our regard and friendly disposition towards the received sciences, we can refer to the evidence of our published writings, especially our books on the advancement of learning. The understanding when left to itself proceeds by the same way as that which it would have adopted under the guidance of logic, namely, the first. For a certain sort of chance has no less effect upon our thoughts than on our acts and deeds. The Horned Rat is also a Warp entity, being a Greater Daemon of Nurgle which created a race of rat mutants in his bid for godhood. Those, too, who have occupied themselves with natural magic, as they term it, have made but few discoveries, and those of small import, and bordering on imposture.
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